First post – Enumerating Mechanics

Hey future readers (or future me). I’ve been watching a lot of talks and videos and reading info on some books, trying to educate myself about game design in general and procedural content generation.

One of the things one of the talks I watched recommends (Sorry, I lost the link but I’ll be more responsible about these things in the future) is to write down mechanics you have implemented in order to know what you “know”, in some way. It is supposed to also help figure out which game you can make by combining your current skills.


Without further ado, let me start listing stuff…


  1. Adding score by contact (triggers, switches)
  2. Object Pooling
  3. Object Generation at specific times and positions
  4. Time attack (time limit challenges)
  5. Time count
  6. Resources Systems
  7. Shops/Stores
  8. Getting positional/angle/direction data from Android
  9. Ads and rewards from ads
  10. Turn based multiplayer Async (Google Play)
  11. Procedural generation of several types (World, cave… in general I have this down)
  12. Touches
  13. General 2D platforming
  14. Skills/Skill tree/Points allocation systems
  15. Area Damage
  16. Checkpoints systems
  17. In-game creature generation
  18. Couch multiplayer
  19. Character swapping (models and abilities as required)
  20. Powerups
  21. Bouncing Object
  22. Physics (gravity, pushing, etc)
  23. Dialogue Tree
  24. Waiting by using the system clock (Animal crossing stuff)
  25. Save/Load anything
  26. Racing
  27. Storytelling


I’ll add more to this list as I can think of more mechanics. It’s not as easy as I thought!

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