Game Month I – August – Part 3. Minigames and Scary Stuff

I’m back with more updates. I just added a minigame interface … well not really. A  Base Minigame Controller from which all minigames will inherit… 

I can go into a test minigame and click my action buttons!

Which makes me able to do stuff like this: and see my minigame come to “life” just like that.

The next thing here

Will be fixing some minor stuff. So I think I’m naming things wrong. I think Hunger will be Food, Loneliness will be Love, etc. I want everything to be straightforward.

About Graphics

After those fixes I’m gonna add some graphic for animations. I want the animations to be very simple but present. Both in minigames and normal play. So it’s gonna be a tricky week. I’m almost at half the month and I’m nowhere near done. I need to cut corners or maybe extend to next month?

I’d love your opinions on this!

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