Game A Month I – Tamagotchilike – Failure and Victory.

Work, work, work.

I’ve been working pretty hard – I have an economy point I must hit as soon as possible, so Game Month I was not achieved as I wish it had. I got pretty far in the Tamagotchi creation and honestly I’ve been still wanting to continue, which is rare for me.

I have all the code functional for the Tamagotchi itself, the Minigame interface, needs satisfaction and worsening, made the game into Portrait for mobile uses mostly, added gold and XP, added some extra UI screens.

Also added sample sprites to the UI in most places, which is pretty great.

In my whiteboard I have written down the next steps: Create basic animation through Anima2D and create a sample minigame.

That’s the failure.

The Victory:

I’ve created 2 very simple prototypes in actually a few days. I went and grabbed randomized ideas from here and made one of them into reality. 

I’ll probably link to the demo later or add it to this very website.

Also, I am in the process of launching my studio’s website – , so keep your eyes open.

The other prototype is a very cool physics game for mobile, basically a tech demo. I’ll be adding it as a webgl or just a PlayStore link on another post.

See you guys later. Game a Month part II is on, baby.

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