Game A Month – Tamagotchilike – Progress!

As you know, I started making a Tamagotchilike game for a Game a Month idea I had starting August. 

It turns out having minigames, multiplayer online, animations, and at least kinda pretty UI takes more time than I predicted.

My scope was off, work takes more time too and I’ve actually made 3 prototypes within the last month which I will publish on WEBGL soon on my Studio website (

What does this mean? Well, nothing really. I’m going to continue moving this project forward while I make other smaller prototypes and publish them, until one of them turns to be fun.

Also I have to make minigames still, which in themselves, if well made,  they can work as mobile games or WebGL miniexperiences.

Actual progress update below

The game is a bit stale, I’ve been trying to improve my health by going to the gym and I’m in the adapting phase with my energy and brain-power levels.

But! I’m doing the Anima2D skeletal animations now and I’ll have enough ready soon to be happy to start creating the first minigame. My whiteboard has a huge ANIMA2D covering it so that I don’t do anything else until the basic animations are ready.

And for now our Pet is a Ninja. What can you do, heh. I found him in this website.

See you soon.

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