Game A Month – Tamagotchilike – Should I still call these game a month? Edition

Good day and evening and whatever time it is for you! I’m back for another post. It’s been an interesting couple of weeks, to say the least.

It turns out Humblebundle made a sale on GameFlow and other assets. You can see where this is going! I decided to get GameFlow into our Tamagotchilike in order to make the minigames without coding everything. I basically have a wrapper ready – the Tamagotchi itself is there.

Also I made some animations using Unity’s Anima2D! The ninja guy can now jump and run and stuff. Doesn’t look too pretty but it’s quite something. I might record a tutorial on it later, although the market already is covered, I think I can give my thoughts on it.

So the current minigame idea issssssssssssssssssss:

Catch Falling Things!

Typical simple mobile game. We have our character moving from left to right automatically. The user can press a button to jump or another button to turn around before intended. They can catch cookies or hearts or something to improve score, while catching something negative will decrease them. They have thirty seconds.

I haven’t really worked on it too much but I can already see GameFlow is gonna be a big help. I don’t have to code the foreaches and the fors and the spawns and the oncollisionenter2Ds. All those functions are easy and covered. I only have to communicate my wrapper, start the minigame and boom!

So maybe we can finish this soon?!!?

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