Natural Power Games and Live Training!

Hey everyone! I’m very happy to announce I’m starting up a small game studio to publish games with. I’ll join every dev program I can think of with that name, starting with Google, Apple and Steam. I’m already a registered Nintendo Developer so that’s not a problem for now 😉

The studio’s name is, you guessed it: 

Natural Power Games

NPG’s logo is a combination of the four elements. I might change it a little later but for now it looks perfect!

Let me know what you think about the site. I also set up an Instagram (@naturalpowergames) and a Twitter account (@natpowergames).

Also I’ve started a few weeks ago to do live training to help newcomers in Unity! They’re all published in LiveEdu. As you can see I’ve been working!

A Theory Of Fun For Game Design

I’m starting to read this book to understand more about game design. Raph Koster is a very bright developer and I’m sure his book will help me a lot. 

Educate yourselves! The day is today. Remember my inbox is open to any requirements and you can also contact me on Insta and Twitter now! … And Facebook to a lesser degree. 

What have you been up to?

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