Challenge 1: The Path

I’ll share the challenge first, and then explain what my approach was afterwards.


For this game, you are going to explore the race to the end gameplay dynamic discussed earlier. The game should allow two to four players, be about progressing on a path, and make
them go from point A to point B. The first player to point B wins.
As the game’s designer, it’s up to you to figure out the theme, the game bits, and the


A board game played like shoots and ladders, which has some enemies randomly placed. So there’s tile movement and a magical theme, these guys are wizards teleporting from point A to point B. The full mechanics are explained below, saving me writing time and you guys reading time! Efficiency!


  1. 1-4 players
  2. Turn based Tile based race game. Players must reach a top tile to win(top to bottom movement).
  3. Levels are manually crafted to then be randomly generated.
  4. Player characters start with 5 health.
  5. First turn is decided via dice roll
  6. Each player’s turn they roll a dice. They must move forward that amount of tiles.
  7. At first, manual movement. Later: Pathfinding whenever a player has their turn will display the path the player would take
  8. On click, first it’ll be manual, reduce -1 step, later the player gets moved that path in a teleportation kinda way.
  9. Whatever the player unit passes through would trigger a certain effect.
  10. Possible effects: Damage, Healing, Powerup
    1. Damage: Dealt by:
      1. Enemies: Have health amount. Players reduce this health amount upon passing the enemy by sacrificing health.
      2. Firewalls: Not destroyed unless player has the correct powerup
    2. Power ups:
      1. Armor: Will kill any enemy no matter the health
      2. Ice: Destroys and negates fire
    3. Healing: Hearts in 3 sizes: 1, 2 and 3. Overheals.
  11. If player A goes through player B, player B goes back to player A’s starting tile // No? Bad?
  12. If player A lands on player B, they’ll roll dice to see who goes back to their last checkpoint (battle)
  13. If a player character is dealt more damage than their current health, they return to their last checkpoint and are healed back to 5.

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